A promoter is very similar to a simple human template with beliefs. But a promoter is designed to sway beliefs and encourage or discourage participation, and as such will have a 100% chance of knowing each fact.


You can use this template to define a consultant on a mission in a company.


Isolated cyclically

Though agents of this class typically are used in interventions, they tend to be more active than other interventions such as advertisements or seminars.

Frequently, such agents will be active every other interaction periods in a simulation, which is less frequently than the standard agents but more frequently than some of the more powerful interventions.


Promoter cannot perform tasks.


Promoter can communicate with multiple agents per period and can transmit longer messages.

Interaction sphere

Promoter may be linked to others agents they want to be in contact in order to increase homophily with different agents.


Promoter has initial beliefs, knowing each facts, though he cannot learn new belief facts.


Promoter has a 100% chance of knowing each fact related to its perimeter, though it may have access to other facts as well. Additionally, a promoter has full knowledge of 25% of all other simulated facts, and can learn new knowledge facts during the course of the simulation.