SymuLearnAndForget example


Different models are implemented in this simulator. This example demonstrates the use of three of them: index:: knowledge, index:: learning and index:: forgetting.

Knowledge model

Agents can start the simulation with initial knowledge or information.

Learning model

Agents have the capacity to learn new knowledge or information during the simulation. There are different means to learn new knowledge:

  • learning from a source of information
  • by interacting with another agent
  • by doing by itself

Find more information about the learning model:

Forgetting model

The counterpart of learning is forgetting. Agents may forget knowledge or information if they are not solicited during the simulation. Using a bit of knowledge during a step is enough to be sure that this bit will not be forget today. Forgetting has different modes:

  • it could be random
  • based on the age of the information


You can use this example to discover and understand the impact of all the setups on the agents. That will help you setup you own learning and forgetting models.

  1. The first agent learns from a learning source
  2. The second agent learns from doing
  3. The third one learns by asking to an expert agent
  4. The last agent doesn’t learn
  5. All learnings are stored in a wiki.

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